Reception Catering Menu

Unlike other menus, the reception catering menu can be suitable for any kind of event. It’s perfect for corporate events, gala dinners, openings, presentations, seminars, networking events, and customer appreciation parties. It’s a great pick for outdoor wedding receptions, posh or cozy weddings, anniversaries, and other social gatherings.

Reception catering menu is best for events in which the food is complementary to the agenda (e.g. hors d’oeuvres during a networking event) or the venue lacks space for guest tables, or serves as a cocktail hour preceding a formal dinner.

The reception catering menu is served on platters or chef stations. Platters can be either carried by the waiters or placed on a stationary buffet. Use the chef stations and buffets to draw the guests around the space and create flow through the event.

Reception Catering Menu Items(click through different sections)

    Canadian Cheese Board
    spruce meadows white cheddar, swiss, marble, brie, blue, monterey jack, gouda, dried fruit, grapes, gourmet crackers and raincoast crisps
    International Cheese Board
    white cheddar, brie, blue, gouda, boursin, st. paulin, cranberry chevre, oka, dried fruit, gourmet crackers and raincoast crisps
    Balsamic Caprese Bruschetta
    chopped fresh roma tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella,
    garlic, basil, olive oil, balsamic and lemon juice with toasted slices of baguette
    Market Dips
    creamy dill dip | white bean dip | cheddar bacon ranch | baked pita chips and raincoast crisps
    Middle Eastern Dips
    green olive baba ganoush | lebanese red bell pepper dip | arugula and pine nut hummus | grilled pesto flatbread
    In-House Smoked Salmon
    in-house smoked sides of atlantic salmon, served with bavarian rye, capers, red onions and dill cream cheese
    Salmon Rillette with Chive and Shallots
    garlic crisps
    Grilled Vegetable Medley
    feta, lemon-marinated stuffed olives, roasted eggplant with garlic, fresh asparagus with green onions and balsamic vinaigrette, marinated artichokes with garlic and herbs, roasted red peppers in olive oil, grilled zucchini with balsamic thyme, baguette slices
    Italian Antipasto Platter
    thinly sliced prosciutto, lemon and oregano chicken kebabs, genoa salami, fresh bocconcini, green olives, roasted red peppers, pickled vegetables, italian bread basket
    Rustic Charcuterie
    dry salami, prosciutto, chorizo, smoked duck breast, beef tenderloin, selection of cheeses, assorted olives, mustard, pickles, baguettes and butter
    East Meets West Seafood
    stuffed olives, roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers in olive oil, grilled zucchini with balsamic, garlic-marinated mussels and clams, tarragon-poached shrimp, served with a basket of baguette slices
    Wild Trout Cobb Harvest Board
    wild bc trout, onions, tomato, egg, radish, garlic, mushrooms, bacon, chives, feta, wild greens, dipping sauces
    Seasonal Vegetable Crudité
    with a fine herb sauce for dipping
    Fancy Vegetable Crudité Display
    served in large designer vases
    Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray
    Seasonal Fresh Fruit Skewers
    Tempura Green Beans
    sriracha aioli
    Hand-Cut Tortilla Chips
    with homemade salsa and guacamole
    Homemade Potato Chips
    with spicy valentine ketchup and onion dip
    Salted Edamame
    Cranberry Trail Mix
    Fancy Nuts
  • POULTRY | per dozen
    Chipotle Chicken Cubes
    green onion, pepper
    Tandoori Chicken
    indian crisp, tempura jalapeño
    Crunchy Chicken Salad Wonton Cups
    with dehydrated pickles
    Chicken and Mushroom Bread Pudding
    truffle oil pesto, shredded asiago
    Tomato Roasted Duck Breast
    parsnip purée, tomato confit
    BEEF, PORK, LAMB | per dozen
    Caesar Salad Bites
    crispy smoked bacon, romaine heart, asiago, creamy garlic dressing
    Antipasto Sticks
    air dried prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, thai basil, melon
    BLT Cakes
    double smoked bacon, pickled roma, arugula cream
    Beef Pinwheels
    smoky pepper jam
    Gem Tomato Bites
    cream cheese, bacon, chives, micro greens
    Beef Carpaccio on a Garlic Crisp
    with a truffle aioli
    Roasted Garlic Lamb
    with pomegranate tzatziki on a potato crisp
    SEAFOOD | per dozen
    House Made Smoked Salmon
    caper bisquit, lemon aioli
    Cold Smoked Trout Pizza Tart
    red onion, crispy capers, crème
    Cucumber and Tuna Crudo
    cracked pepper, maldon salt, greens
    California Rolls
    cucumber and avocado, crab meat with wasabi, pickled ginger and light soya
    Grilled Garlic Shrimp Cocktail
    with a horseradish tomato sauce
    Tequila Prawns
    with pineapple carpaccio
    Chilled Jumbo Shrimp
    horseradish lime cocktail sauce
    Ironed Fish Tacos
    marinated scallop, pineapple salsa, greens
    Lobster Hash
    with fresh dill and radish on a crispy potato ring
    Scallop and Avocado Tostados
    micro chevril
    Lime Infused Honey Shrimp Ceviche
    served in verrines
    Far East Sushi
    sushi, nori maki and california rolls with wasabi, pickled ginger and light soya
    Ahi Tuna Poke in a Black Sesame Cone
    with jalapeño cream
    CANAPÉS AND WRAPS | per dozen
    Crostinis | choice of three
    - beef flank | herbed cheese and lemon arugula
    - avocado | citrus radish, fresh dill and white crema
    - cured trout | roasted gem tomatoes, pomegranate
    - jalapeño compote
    - coffee and chili bacon | cream cheese and gremolata
    - filipino chicken | boursin mousse, onion and fig jam
    Gourmet Shooters
    - thai shrimp | red curry sauce
    - tomato bisque | crispy cheese bread
    - gazpacho | caramelized tomato crunch
    - tuna | radish, green tomato, lime
    Baja Rolls
    - carne asada | red onion, tomato, quinoa, queso,
    - cilantro, chili sour cream
    - spicy thai chicken | quinoa, carrots, purple cabbage,
    - thai sweet chili
    - fiesta shrimp | field greens, black beans, corn, avocado,
    - cheddar, lime vinaigrette
    - hummus market veggie | red pepper hummus, avocado,
    - spinach, cucumber, quinoa, fresh basil
    Open Face Italian Crisps | choice of three
    - sundried tomato | creamy shallots, ricotta
    - prosciutto | goat cheese, fig jam, balsamic
    - italian sausage | tomato jam, parmesan, basil
    - crab salad | lemon, herbs
    - antipasto | genoa salami, olive, tortellini, evoo
    Artisan Bread Sliders
    - roasted herbed chicken | garlic and lemon aioli
    - beef flank steak | charred onion chutney
    - brie and mushroom | black bean hummus
    Vegan Vietnamese Salad Rolls
    bean sprouts, rice noodles, carrots julienne, green leaf lettuce and fresh mint in a rice paper wrap. served with hoisin dipping sauce
    Rainbow Vietnamese Salad Rolls
    bbq chicken or tandoori mango, rice noodles, green leaf lettuce, carrots julienne, purple cabbage, fresh mint, rice paper wrap, hoisin dipping sauce
    VEGETARIAN | per dozen
    Butternut Squash Corn Cakes
    celery hearts, asparagus, gruyère mornay
    Loaded Baked Potato Squares
    sour cream, cheddar, chives
    Deconstructed Spanakopita
    with tomato gems
    Beet Salad on a Stick
    baby golden beets, spinach, goat cheese, walnut orange vinaigrette
    Upside Down Mushroom Tartlette
    with a truffle sour cream, fresh herbs and white balsamico
    Watermelon and Feta Mousse
    white balsamic, mint
    Caramelized Onion Tartlette
    chive crème fraîche, maple caramelized onion
  • POULTRY | per dozen
    Bang Bang Chicken
    with a honey sriracha glaze
    Crispy Chicken Pot Stickers
    dumplings filled with chicken and vegetables, soy sesame dipping sauce
    Garlic Parmesan Chicken Bites
    with a sweet and spicy peppered honey sauce
    Grainy Mustard Chicken Croquette
    with beetroot aioli
    Mini Chicken Pot Pie
    chicken, vegetables and cream sauce baked in a light pastry crust
    Chicken Alfredo Cups
    in a pastry cup, green onion confit
    Coconut Chicken Pakora
    with a raita sauce
    Chicken Arancini
    with a smoked tomato jam
    Blackened Chicken Skewer
    with an avocado mousse
    Lemongrass Chicken Satay
    with a peanut dipping sauce
    Bacon Wrapped Quebec Duck Breast
    with maple glaze
    BEEF | per dozen
    Hoisin Ginger Meatballs
    toasty sesame glaze
    Spiced Beef Dhansak Phyllo
    with a tomato jelly
    Bourbon Beef
    with a horseradish gin cocktail
    Korean Style Beef Ribs
    bulgogi bbq sauce
    Chili Lime Steak Bites
    horseradish cream sauce
    Beef Cheek Risotto Balls
    with a red wine glaze
    Mini Shepherd’s Pie
    savoury ground beef and vegetables in a light pastry shell, topped with mashed potatoes
    Deconstructed Beef Wellington
    demi glace
    Indonesian Beef Satay
    with a tahini dipping sauce
    Beef and Cheese Empanadas
    pepper salsa
    BBQ Bacon Onion Wrapped Meatball
    with a honey teriyaki sauce
    PORK | per dozen
    Fried Sesame Pork Dumplings
    with pork and vegetables served with japanese dipping sauce
    Pork Dim Sum
    steamed pork dumplings, sesame soy glaze
    Brown Sugar and Garlic Pork Satay
    with a spiced port tomato jam
    Birch Syrup Pork Belly Brochette
    bourbon mustard dipping sauce
    Slow Cooker Birch Pork Arepas
    house made salsa
    Spiced Pork Steam Buns
    pickled onion, asian aioli dipping sauce
    LAMB | per dozen
    Lamb Kleftiko
    puff pastry, mint apple sauce
    Pickled Garlic Lamb Satay
    with a creamy cucumber dip
    Spicy Korean Style Lamb Bites
    with gochujang paste
    Harissa Lamb Lollipops
    with chimichurri sauce
    SEAFOOD | per dozen
    Crab and Cream Cheese Wonton Purses
    Shrimp Scampi Meatballs
    with a tuscan garlic wine sauce
    Crispy Shrimp Tempura
    with a bang bang sauce
    Tandoori Salmon
    with a mango chutney
    Creamy Seafood Mushrooms
    buttered crumbs
    Crispy Seabass Sticks
    with a spicy ranch dip
    Honey Sriracha Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
    with lemon pepper ranch
    Coconut Shrimp Lollipops
    with a pepperoncini aioli
    Atlantic Salmon Cakes
    with a tomato chutney
    Louisiana Crab Cake Poppers
    with a tartar sauce
    Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops
    with bourbon peach glaze
    VEGETARIAN | per dozen
    Jalapeño Popper Avocado Wonton
    with a lime and achiote dressing
    Wild Mushroom Tart
    with chive royale
    Spiced Potato Empanada
    with a pico de gallo
    Vegetarian Samosa
    with mango balsamic chutney
    Zucchini Pakora
    indian-style vegetable fritters with yogurt dip
    Vegetable Gyoza
    dumplings with mixed asian vegetables and japanese dipping sauce
    Honey Garlic Tofu Sticks
    with a creamy herb dip
    Cuban Spiced Zucchini Fritters
    with cumin raita
    VEGAN | per dozen
    Creamy Polenta Cremini Balls
    with thyme marinara
    Mushroom Potato Cakes
    red pepper tapas
    Crispy Parsnip and Potato Latkes
    with a white bean tomato dip
    Sweet Potato Fritter
    with sriracha dip
    Mushroom Wellington
    whipped horseradish
    Quinoa and Spinach Bites
    orange ginger dipping sauce
    Paneer and Potato Cakes
    with a sweet mint chutney
  • Stations
    Crostini and Flatbread Bar
    selection of grilled and baked crostinis and flatbreads served with cheese, meats, marinated vegetables, pickles, sauces, spreads and chips
    Shaken not Stirred Salad Bar
    mason jars filled with an assortment of mixed artisan lettuce, chopped vegetables, berries, grains and nuts. guests choice of dressings
    Thai Station
    authentic green thai curry | thai eggplant, bok choy, onions, red pepper, green chili coconut curry. guests choice of chicken or shrimp. served with aromatic rice pad thai | rice noodles, bean sprouts, egg, peanuts, scallions, spiced tamarind lime sauce. guests choice of chicken or shrimp
    Campfire Burger Bar
    selection of charred cheeseburgers, grilled mushroom chicken burgers and vegan burgers served on a mini soft bun. guests choice of toppings served with cajun chippers
    German Pretzel Bar
    crispy turkey schnitzel slider on a crusty roll, bavarian pretzel tree, grainy mustard, cheddar bacon dip and house made beer dip
    Sushi Station | 3 pieces
    assorted maki rolls, nigiri sushi and california rolls with wasabi, fresh ginger, soy sauce and chopsticks. prepared in front of guests
    Loaded Nacho and Potato Bar
    choice of fresh flour, corn tortillas or potato skins fried crispy and served with choice of crock pot chicken, southern steak, chili, refried beans, green onions, olives, jalapeños, charred mexican street corn, red onion, cheddar cheese sauce, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream
    Sweet and Savoury Beignet Station
    spinach and ricotta or louisiana chicken served with choice of white gravy or spiced tomato jam. hazelnut or saskatoon berry lemon served with chocolate, caramel or strawberry glaze
    Tour of Italy Pastini Bar
    tossed in front of guests and placed in a martini glass. topped with choice of garlic bread crisps, parmesan cheese, green onions and fresh herbs. guests select:
    - pasta | penne, spaghetti or farfalle
    - vegetables | grilled onions, mushrooms or peppers
    - sauce | marinara, alfredo, vodka rose
    Asian Lettuce Wraps
    asian sautéed noodles in a spiced peanut sauce. hand tossed by a chef, served in crispy lettuce cups and served with choice of toppings including chicken, spiced shrimp, crispy tofu, hot sauces, lime wedges and peanuts
    Bombay Curry Bar
    baghara baingan, masala chicken skewers, bhindi do pyaza, vegetable rice pilau, lamb rogan josh, chicken tikka masala. served with garlic naan
    The Grill Master
    birch syrup smoked brisket with brown sugar cider, creole shrimp sticks, sous vide louisiana pork belly, crock pot beer can pulled chicken on brioche, thuringer wurst, cast iron skillet baked beans, sour cream and shallot skillet taters, great events house made sauces
    Burrito Bowl
    choice of rice or noodles, topped with selection of lettuce, black beans, avocado, blackened chicken, red onions, grilled corn, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese and choice of sauce. served with crispy tortilla
    Walking Seafood Bar
    jumbo shrimp, crab claws, scallop ceviche cups, marinated mussels, clams and oysters. served with lemon, hot sauce and cocktail sauce
    Certified Angus Beef® Tenderloin
    carved, whole-roasted tenderloin, red onion confit, creamy horseradish, dijon mustard. served with crusty rolls or crispy yorkies
    East Meets West Oyster Sampling
    a selection of shucked east and west coast oysters, served with a selection of mignonettes, lemon wedges and hot sauces | ice carving quote available upon request
    Savoury Perogy Station
    sweet potato and cottage cheese | bison and blueberry with feta | jalapeño chicken and gruyère
    Great Events Gourmet Ice Pops
    choice of 3
    - white peach lemonade with fresh mint
    - pink grapefruit swirl with fresh blueberries
    - passionfruit punch with strawberries
    - mango madness with candied cucumber
    Candy and Caramel Apples
    hand-dipped candy apples with choice of toppings
    Rootbeer, Orange and Grape Floats
    rootbeer, orange or grape flavoured sodas topped with vanilla bean ice cream and choice of whipped cream, cherries, berries and candies
    Sundae Bar
    - ice cream | vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
    - sauces | chocolate, strawberry, caramel
    - toppings | sprinkles, coconut flakes, cookie crumble, smarties, assorted fresh fruit and berries
    Mini Sugar Waffle Station
    fresh made waffles garnished with hot sour cherries, hot chocolate and caramel sauces, whipped vanilla cream, fresh berries, nuts, bananas, pineapple, selection of ice cream
    Gelato Station
    our chef will scoop a selection of gelato flavours in an ice cream cone or bowl for your guests
    Dessert Table | minimum 30 guests
    - mini dessert shooters
    - key lime, black forest, raspberry panna cotta
    - french pastries
    - dessert lollipops
    Housemade Hazelnut Truffles
    Assorted Gourmet Cookies
    Assorted Dessert Squares
    Lollipop Parade
    cheesecake and brownie lollipops, dipped with dark and white chocolate
    European Cake Squares
    frangipan, sacher, strawberry mango
    Dessert Pastry Trio Bites
    strawberry short cake, salted caramel, nutella
    Cheesecake Petit Fours
    assorted bite sized cheesecakes with kiwi, white chocolate and mandarin
    Decadent French Pastries
    Mini Chocolate Tulip Cups
    strawberry, baileys and cassis
    Mini Beignets
    chocolate hazelnut, red berry
    Assorted Chouschous
    double raspberry, double chocolate, nutty caramel, black currant pistachio, mango passion fruit
    Designer Eclairs
    fresh baked chocolate eclairs topped with designer ingredients and dips
    Layered Pie in a Mason Jar
    apple cinnamon crumble, old-fashioned minted cherry, home-style banana split cream pie
    Gourmet Cupcakes
    lemon raspberry, chocolate cherry, caramel pecan carrot
    Mini Crème Brûlée
    french vanilla, dark chocolate
    Dessert Pastry Cones
    filled with cheesecakes and mousses and topped with the sweetest delicacies
    Dessert Shooters
    key lime pie, black forest, raspberry panna cotta
    Warm Crumble in a Jar
    apple crumble | strawberry rhubarb served in mason jars
    Mini Pies
    saskatoon berry, piña colada, caramel apple
    Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
    Chocolate Fondue | minimum 30 guests
    choice of dark, milk or white chocolate, an array of fresh seasonal fruit, pineapple, strawberries, melons, bananas and biscottis
    Chocolate Fountain Rental (optional)

Reception Catering Menu Setup

Depending on the items you select from the reception catering menu, the buffets will be set with plates and flatware, available to the guests where necessary. Where items like sliders, canapes, and skewers are butlered by waiters, cheese boards, charcuteries, crudites and sushi might be offered on a stationary buffet with plates and flatware or chopsticks.

Used in reception-style service, cocktail menus aim to feed your guests in small portions, typically no more than two bites each. Because your guests will be standing as they mingle for the majority of the event, each item must be created to be consumed comfortably without the aid of utensils or structured seating.

You aren’t serving a formal meal, so you’ll need to consider the timing of the event and order enough pieces per person from the reception catering menu, so that your guests will walk away feeling well-fed. For example, if your event falls between or after usual meal-times, we recommend the reception catering menu consisting of less than 10 pieces per person, but if you’re inviting them right after work, you’ll need to increase this to more than 12 pieces per person, plus add a few platters (like crudites or cheese boards) since they will be hungry, having not eaten dinner.

The items you choose for reception catering menu should cover an array of proteins, vegetables and carbs. Choose satiating stick-to-your-ribs items, paired with a few lighter palate-cleansing selections. The food itself and the serving should be designed in a minimalistic manner, butlered by the waiters or placed in a designated space where guests can easily pick the items they love. An interesting addition to any reception is a chef-attended station, where the food is prepared live. Doubling as an activity where guests get to interact with the chef, top their own plates with special condiments or select from a small menu of similar items, action stations add value to the reception.

Alternatives to the Reception Catering Menu

There are several alternatives to the Reception Catering Menu, based on the event type, the allocated budget, the event facilities, table setup and number of guests. Please find several alternative menus below. Keep in mind that our catering experts are ready to assist you along the process of designing the menu for your event. Feel free to contact us at any point and we will be happy to help you!

Please check our Plated Dinner Catering Menu for a plated dinner setup. It may be a better option for events where guests are seated at the tables and when the number of guests is well known in advance. It can either minimize the food serving time or integrate the food serving into the event’s agenda (e.g. Fundraising Dinner).

You can also check the Buffet Catering Menu for a quick and easy service for any size of event. It may be a better option for large events, especially when the number of guests is unknown (e.g. Open Events, Fairs).

Additionally, we are proud to offer one of the top quality BBQ catering services in Calgary through our Rare Cut division. Check the amazing BBQ Catering Menu selection and prepare for a most-entertaining and unique culinary show!

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